Back to the Tree House

We’ve been to play at The Tree House Bookshop before, and given the opportunity we were delighted to return. Andrew and Andy played our first gig there last year, so armed with our instruments and Dave to the drummer we headed south to find the shop a changed place.


There are more books there for a start, which indicates they have the right breeding conditions. Notices cover the windows for all kinds of community groups and sessions from crochet and book circles to film club and something called “mindfulness” which the proprietor Victoria seems to rate very highly.

Our audience was doubled from three last time. Two lovely couples, Victoria herself and a guerrilla crocheter who sat quietly for the whole evening slowly making a larger square of community crochet. By the time we’d finished the gig, she had reached the border in a contrasting colour so I assume we had played the right sort of music for crochet.

Thanks once agin to the shop and to Victoria for hosting a gig. We love doing this kind of thing and especially when we know people are going to enjoy chilling out and filling their ears with toe tapping blues riffs. Our swing rendition of “Power of Love” seemed to hit the spot for at least one audience member.

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