House Concerts

Naturally, a benefit of having only a couple of musicians and any friends who might tag along is economies of scale. We only need one car if we’re travelling a distance, and we have so little amplification it can be set up in a living room.

Living Room

Now, there’s an idea. Why not let us come and fill your house with laid back improvised music? You provide the venue and come to an agreement with your guests about food (whether to have some, what to have, who’s paying/making, etc) and we stick a hat round at the end.

If you want us to play for “free”, give us a good reason. Charity is generally good, just give us the details. Payment in kind (e.g. food, beer, homemade wine) works too.

If you want to split the hat to cover venue costs, just let us know and we’ll agree a cut. As long as you don’t want a slice of the actual hat.

If the money was important, we wouldn’t be doing this. This is about the music. And conceivably about the homemade wine.

Living Room by welcometoalville:

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