Breaking up is hard to do … especially if you haven’t started yet.

Piano Player

Welcome to the Dischord blog – the band that never was.

Maybe more accurately, the band that wasn’t and isn’t, but may be to come.

Andy and I have been musical accomplices for a while, and it’s getting to the stage we should do a few gigs. In this light, we decided to form a band, and set ourselves up, and go looking for opportunities to play small venues with our low volume blues-tinged improvised sound. Of course, the very first thing we did was split due to musical differences. Not having played a note, we realised that was premature, and we’ve agreed to at least rehearse before deciding.

If you are a small venue within shouting distance of Walsall or Lichfield, feel free to give us a call. There are no recordings yet, but we’ll see what we can do about that. We are already planning some aspects of our first album. We may even bring some friends, once we’ve made some.

In case you were wondering, we don’t take this (the band) at all seriously. We take the music seriously and everything else just drops around it. This is music as it should be. We win just by making beautiful art. Does that make us artisanal? How do you pronounce that word anyway? Hope to see you around.

“Music” by Robert Course-Baker via Flickr:

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